Coopetarrazú maintains strict quality controls, works with the traceability from the farm to export and with quality standards that are verified from the plantations at the beginning of each harvest.

The cooperative has highly qualified personnel and a quality control laboratory that follows a protocol called Quality Audit.

The Quality Audit implements controls that involves the tasting of each batch of 60 quintals that is processed to verify its quality.

The coffee of the Tarrazú region is one of the most recognized in Costa Rica and in the world and represents 40% of the national production. This production is between 1,200 and 1,900 meters above sea level, in ideal climate and soil conditions for cultivation. Most of the plantations are under shade, with different trees in the area.

78% of production is directly exported, 14% is made through local exporters and 8% is marketed nationally under the Buen Día brand and others. Coffee is mainly exported to markets such as the United States, Europe and Asia where the brand La Pastora, Tarrazú is well known for its high acidity, medium body, extra hard bean and very good aroma.

COOPETARRAZÚ serves its coffee industry by focusing on several strategic aspects that aim to contribute to the satisfaction of producers and customers, considering that this stage involves the collection, processing, marketing and export. These aspects are:

Guarantee the receipt of coffee in all collection centers when the coffee is at its best maturation.

Commercialize coffee with greater added value and thus offer our customers more opportunities in terms of quality and service.

Process the coffee in the best way so as not to negatively impact the environment.

Produce with increasingly efficient quality and cost standards.

Industrialize coffee efficiently, maximizing quality and performing the preparation of special qualities according to customer requirements.

Export the coffee according to the qualities and times agreed with the client and thus guarantee their satisfaction.

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