Coopetarrazú in the field


Special attention is given to the work in the field, because that is where the productive activity of the cooperative originates; their work area starts at the producer farms and goes to the collection centers where they deliver their coffee.


In this area of ​​action, the efforts are focused on several key aspects:

Improve productivity in the coffee farms of our associates through training, technology transfer, research and development of varieties and technical assistance.

Promote research and experimentation in the farms of the cooperative, to validate alternatives for producers to control rust, technological packages and combination of other crops with coffee.

Promote a culture of sustainable production in the producer, their family and the community, through the implementation of good agricultural practices, which help to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint.

To improve the cooperative-associates relationship, promoting a better use of the services provided, strengthening the sense of belonging, organizing activities against external threats; all this through periodic meetings in the communities and farms of the associates

Coffee Plantation

The coffee plantation is part of the field work and assistance to the producer, it is used for the investigation of different varieties of coffee and the purpose of this project is to advise and train the producer regarding the use and management of these varieties.


In addition, the management of solid and liquid coffee waste is managed here and there is currently an irrigation field that uses honey water (water after its use during the wet milling process) and a composting project, which helps to convert coffee pulp in coffee Organic fertilizer and which is provided to producers to implement it on their farms, always trying to ensure sustainability in the processes.