In addition to the green coffee we export and commercial activities, we also develop other products with which we intend to generate additional income for our associates. We offer high quality products to the national and international market. Products that have a relationship with the concept of social responsibility.


Green coffee is the unroasted coffee bean that has multiple properties and benefits: it provides energy and combats fatigue, it is also known as a natural supplement to lose weight and burn fat, it also helps to reduce cholesterol levels and to balance the pressure blood, its high antioxidant power could prevent the reproduction of cancer cells.


It is a 100% pure roasted coffee of Tarrazú origin. It has an exquisite balance of body, aroma and acidity. The selection of grains used in the elaboration of this coffee gives the consumer a coffee with very balanced cup characteristics.


It is a method of personal preparation and the qualities used for this product are: Café Buen Día Gourmet and Café Buen Día Special Reserve.


It is one of the best selections of 100% Tarrazú coffee. It is cultivated between 1400 and 1600 meters above sea level, the selection of beans used in the making of this roasted coffee provides the consumer with a gourmet coffee with very balanced cup characteristics, a good body, intense aroma and good acidity.


Buen Día Reserva, is a special roasted coffee that we have selected, meets a score within the table of special coffees, valued in a score range between 85 and 90 points, is 100% Arabica Coffee / Caturra-Catuai and cultivated between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level. The main characteristics of this coffee are: chocolate and citrus flavor at the same time, fine aroma, good body, high acidity, not sharp, balanced cup.

Baulas Blend

It is an alliance between COOPETARRAZÚ and The Leatherback Trust, which was born with the purpose of satisfying the needs of the coffee drinker and at the same time encouraging the conservation and care of Leatherback Turtles in Costa Rica. The selection of beans used in the elaboration of this roasted coffee gives the consumer a gourmet coffee with very balanced cup characteristics, intense aroma, good body and special acidity.


It has been our leading brand in international markets for more than 46 years. It is selected in the harvest center during the harvesting period with 100% mature coffee and is processed in the Coffee Processing Plant under strict quality standards. Now we process it to market it in the national and international market as roasted and ground coffee, it has an excellent body, high acidity and intense aroma.

Private Labels


Under the same process of traceability and quality of our product, we generate strategic alliances with clients that develop their own brands based on our coffee.


We offer and sell hot and cold beverages based on coffee, in addition, we provide our services at social and business events with a variety of drinks prepared to meet our clients taste.