Dry coffee pulp as a supplement for cattle, can be supplemented by up to 33% in the diet of fattening cattle.


Product with high fiber and protein value.

Use in pastries, cereals, baking.

Product of high nutritional value.

Gluten free.


Juice extraction where the brush is pressed and the sugar-rich juice is obtained.

Development Projects

Development of beverages from coffee by-products.

Improvement in the quality and productivity of crops.

Identification of endophytic fungi applied to coffee.

Monitoring and control of emissions in the composting process.


Center for the Development of Organic Alternatives

In this area, Coopetarrazú seeks new commercial alternatives and sustainable diversification and works on the conversion processes of coffee by-products and currently has identified and in the process of researching some products with the potential to develop:

BIOINSUMOS / Bio Stimulants

They are agronomic and sustainable products that seek to improve productivity in the crops of our associates and the community in general. They are created mainly to enrich the microbiological activity of soils and root systems of plants.

Among the main benefits that are in the application of this type of bio stimulants are:

Improvement in the percentage and quality of germinated seeds.

Effects on the foliar development of the plants.

Consumption of the exudates of roots, leaves, flowers and fruits, which avoids the propagation of pathogens.

Better growth of stems and roots.

Activation of defense mechanisms.

Improvement in the quality and productivity of crops.


Cultivation rich in bacteria and yeasts, thought mainly to improve the soil, the product seeks to enrich the microbiological activity of the soil starting from the degradation of organic matter and the release of substances that are easily assimilable by the plants.


The BioFecunda Plus is a cultivation of beneficial microorganisms and enriched with the fungus Trichoderma sp, which enhance the defense mechanisms of plants against diseases and increase the microbiological diversity of soils. The product helps the plants to be better prepared for stress conditions, in addition to helping them get better absorption of nutrients.


It is a biological product made from a high concentration of reproductive structures of the Trichoderma fungus to favor its establishment in the field, it works as a root improver of plants and a growth promoter. Due to its characteristics, it has a longer useful life, it is easier to apply and establish it in the soil, managing to displace pathogenic microorganisms, being an important defense mechanism for plants.