Social Commitment

Social Commitment

The Cooperative each year is committed to developing activities aimed at the integral growth of associates and the community in general.


In the last year, different types of activities were carried out:

Educational courses encouraging and reinforcing the spirit of solidarity in youth, with the participation of different schools in the Los Santos Region.

Gender workshop focused on the topic of personal and integral growth.

Support and sponsorship of different projects focused on the youth of Tarrazú, Dota and León Cortés. The objective is to promote the culture, growth and talent of the young people of our region.

Workshop on personal finance focused on a good administration at home and the daily work of producers and their families.

Associates Training about “Cooperative Doctrine”.

Café Buen Día makes a contribution to Caritas Costa Rica, where for each package of coffee sold, Caritas will receive a contribution to strengthen its social assistance and integral human development projects. In addition, it supports small and medium coffee producers, who produce with social and environmental responsibility.