We are CoopeTarrazú

CoopeTarrazú is the largest coffee cooperative in Costa Rica. We have 4.600 coffee producers from the Tarrazú region, which is well known for the quality of the coffee produced.

Our coffee plantations grow between 1.200 and 1.800 meters above sea level. This height gives our coffee special characteristics in terms of acidity.

CoopeTarrazú encourages sustainable practices for coffee cultivation, seeking a product that depends less and less on agrochemicals.

We are the research and development benchmark for coffee growing in Costa Rica. As an example, a few weeks ago we made the first deforestation-free export to Europe. This demonstrates our leadership and adaptation to the demands establish by our clients.

In addition to coffee, CoopeTarrazú has a network of commercial businesses that allow it to provide food and all the necessary inputs to the associates to assist their coffee farm.

On the other hand, our social projection goes further by supporting the cultural and sports development of the entire community.


The company has been committed since 2011 to its Research and Development department with the aim of finding practical alternatives in topics such as coffee by products, sustainable agriculture, efficiency, and energy alternatives. Currently, we have a Center for the Development of Organic Alternatives (CeDAO), that works with different educational institutions in the search for innovative solutions that contribute to the development coffee producers and the community in general.

First deforestation free coffee export

CoopeTarrazú proudly announced the dispatch of its first shipment of deforestation-free coffee to Trieste, Italy, marking a significant milestone in sustainable agriculture. Comprising 275 bags of 69 kg each, produced by approximately 69 farmers in the Tarrazú region. This coffee is certified to have been cultivated on Costa Rican farms that did not deforest to expand their agricultural areas since December 2020.

With this initiative, CoopeTarrazú and Costa Rica is positioned to meet the European Union’s upcoming import requirements, set to take effect in 2025.

Casas de la Alegría

This is a social responsibility Project of CoopeTarrazú, which consist of care network for children who accompany their parents in the coffee harvesting process. Duly trained personnel attend children in places where they carry out educational and recreational activities, in addition to receiving a balanced diet.

Social Responsibility

CoopeTarrazú contributes to the conservation of the leatherback turtle, a species that is in danger of extinction, thanks to the alliance it has with the ONG The Leatherback Trust. Through the sale of the Baulas Blend coffee brand, for local consumption, we make an economic contribution to raise awareness about the protection of this ancient species by supporting its different projects.

Sustainable Trading Company (STC)

As a complement, CoopeTarrazú has a specialty division company called Sustainable Trading Company S.A., which specializes in the search, commercialization, and export of specialty coffees from Costa Rica. Satisfying all tastes and requirements in the coffee market is the main goal of STC, since each bean STC will give you an experience in unique aromas and flavors.

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